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WELCOME TO :icontmnt-2012-fan-club:!

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:icontmnt-2012-fan-club: is a group for TMNT 2012 Fans. Even though the name says 2012, any generation of TMNT lover/ art is allowed in this group. NEVER BE WORRIED ABOUT WHAT VERSION IT IS. I always love to see people want to become members. It makes me very happy when I see a comment on the page saying, "Can I join?" It always warms me. I love this group and I'd love to see it grow. Make it happen?

1. No stolen art is allowed in this group's gallery
2. Any art is allowed in this group as long as it is a. not stolen b. TMNT
3. Any co-founders or contributors may accept art/group requests
4. Anyone can put as many pieces of art as they wish
5. If someone is being a. rude b. offensive c. acting inappropriately, then you need to note me and they will be blocked, and booted. You must tell me, :icondragonsrawesone: what they did.
6. Please do your best to put your art in the correct folder.

Which is why they are ADMINS.+They're my friends. :3

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TMNT 2012 Fans FOREVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 17, 2013


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baby MG Mutanimals by MR-ThunderOcean baby MG Mutanimals :iconmr-thunderocean:MR-ThunderOcean 13 2 Ariel Thomson by ArizunoShojo Ariel Thomson :iconarizunoshojo:ArizunoShojo 15 6 TMNT 2012 Remake: Yin, Yang and The 5 elements by MiraculousLover21 TMNT 2012 Remake: Yin, Yang and The 5 elements :iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 9 3
You know, I wasn't going to say anything, but...
I’m starting to not blame people for disliking April actually. 
Donnie’s flaws are always pointed out when it comes to April, but when it’s the other way around, there’s a good and justified reason for her actions. Donnie’s the one who acts like a lovesick puppy, but April? Sometimes, I feel like that the writers don’t think she NEVER DOES anything wrong. You see how every time when there’s an episode about Donnie and his affections for Apri (Operation: Break Out, Mutagen Man Unleashed, Target: April O'Neil, A Chinatown Ghost Story,  A Foot Too Big etc), he’s written off as the antagonist for having such feelings for a “human girl” when he’s a mutant turtle (which again, is bullshit). 
But what about April? We don’t never see her true feelings for Donatello (or Casey for that matter) other then some slight irritation for the both of them (which is actually understandable
:iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 6 16
My Version Of The Reverse TMNT AU
If you haven't heard of the reverse TMNT AU, then it's basically just the characters (the turtles in particular) with opposite personalities. I believe the whole idea was created by mellow-monsters, but I'm not entirely sure. However, I've made my own version of the Reverse TMNT (including my ocs) and I wanted to share it with all of you^^ Feel free to tell me your thoughts about my ideas of the reverse AU! I would like to hear it^^
The Hamato Clan: The Hamato Clan are the real enemies in this alternative world. They are similar to the foot clan in this world and instead of protecting New York like they do in the real world, they find ways to destroy it.
Master Splinter/Hamato Yoshi: Splinter in this world is very violent, cold, cunning and also very ruthless, similar to the real world's Shredder. Unlike real world Splinter, AU Splinter was the one who was rejected by Tang Shen are swore vengeance on his adoptive brother and later enemy, Shredder for suppos
:iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 5 28
I just realized something...
Venus's personality kind of contradicts with it's self.  Around the beginning it says "There's these other villains who was after Venus's power and they try to convince her to turn on the turtles for "leaving her" behind to get mutated  into a "mutant freak" and for humanity being a bitch to her for all these years", but further into it says "Venus isn't as cocky or headstrong as the others are and is also hinted to be a pacifist. This can cause problems at times, since she believes that almost everyone can be redeemed, but most of the time her heart is in the right place". I'm just saying to myself "this isn't right" because Venus grew up with others being rude and disrespectful to her, but then she's a pacifist? A person who doesn't believe in causing pain to others regardless how heinous they are? That's kind of strange.
Though then again, it also says <
:iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 1 4
Do You Ship Jonatello (Donnie + Casey)?
I always considered Jonatello as my backup ship if my favorite ship didn't happen. I know that Donnie and Casey don't get along well that much in 2012, but I would like to think they would grow to like each other better in the future (or at least if this dam love triangle would end). Like seriously, as much as I love Apritello, I think that if Donnie and Casey just forgot about April for one darn minute just so they can focus on having a actual friendship, I think that would be great. No Apritello, no Capril and especially no Capriltello. Just a good episode or moment between them two.
I have to admit, they did to this with Race with the Demon! (and I liked that episode), but I have to admit I would like more episodes focusing on them working on their friendship and characters. Yeah yeah, I know the show is about the turtles and the writers might not work on Donnie and Casey's relationship for whatever reason (because they want humor :P), but it's still a nice thought. I kn
:iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 1 9
The thing about A Foot Too Big
What Raph COULD have said to Donnie: It’s not going to happen Donnie. April just isn’t interested in you. The sooner you realize that the better.
What Raph DID say:  It’s not going to happen Donnie. You a mutant turtle, she’s a human girl. The sooner you know that the better.
I still hate what he said. I know he was trying to teach his brother not to act like a lovesick puppy towards April, I know April was his friend too and I know he was just trying to spare his brother of heartbreak, but I still think there could have been another way to tell him he didn't have a shot, just not like this. I also think that this just makes me upset SO MUCH is because I'm also an Apritello shipper and he is supposed to be Donnie's OLDER brother. I just can't believe that people still think that the reason why Donnie doesn't have a shot with April is ENTIRELY because he's a mutant turtle and she's "a human girl". Like, come on? D
:iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 8 11
TMNT: Venus De Milo *Full Bio* by MiraculousLover21 TMNT: Venus De Milo *Full Bio* :iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 15 28
TMNT 2012 OC: Yuki Yomori

Name: Yuki Yomori (But is preferred to be called Blackstar when she first meets the turtles)
Age: 16 (in the beginning), is 17 in season 4
DOB: 1996. 31st October
A.K.A: Blackstar, Sweetheart, Punk
Species: Panther
Sibling: She has a brother named Sai who was taken away by the Kraang.
 Weapons of choice: Power guns and shurikens
Likes: Eating, training, baking, hanging out with the turtles, watching T.V, kicking evil butt,
Dislikes: Bitter things, sappy movies, being called spoilt, foot clan,
Bio: Yuki is japanese but has lived most of her life in New York. Her father is a huge business tycoon as well as an expert ninja master. Yuki's mother passed away and her elder brother was mutated and kidnapped by the kraang. Her father neglects her as he is busy with her work so he doesn't notice when Yuki sneaks out into the dark alleys of the city. She then meets the turtles ( who think of her as a 'bad guy') and challenges them. As they fight, the kra
:iconu-devil29:U-Devil29 3 0
TMNT Mona Lisa,my version by Theweirdglitch TMNT Mona Lisa,my version :icontheweirdglitch:Theweirdglitch 9 4 TMNT:mother and her children by Theweirdglitch TMNT:mother and her children :icontheweirdglitch:Theweirdglitch 15 5 Ice Cream Kitty by FanfareX3 Ice Cream Kitty :iconfanfarex3:FanfareX3 143 25 TMNT - Apritello 1 by MidoriEyes TMNT - Apritello 1 :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 262 17 Art Trade-Movies marathon by Neko-mirichan Art Trade-Movies marathon :iconneko-mirichan:Neko-mirichan 234 37
So I'm open for rps, note or comment if you are interested!

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I have selected these people because I trust them, they're my friends, and all their TMNT artwork is awesome! (I am not saying you're not awesome because you all are! :heart:








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